Birdhouse is approaching a stable release. Contributions for bug fixes are always welcome, or for new features or processes for the development branch. You can also register for the mailing list to retrieve announcements.

Mailing list

Feel free to register.


If you want to have a quick chat with one of the developers, or just follow the discussions, feel welcome to join the chat room

Source code

The source code of all birdhouse components is available on our Github page.

Issue tracker

Please use the issue tracker on GitHub for the corresponding birdhouse component.

WPS client side:

WPS server side:

Build tools:


The Wiki on GitHub is used for topics not covered by the Sphinx documentation yet.

Website development

The birdhouse website is on The HTML pages are maintained on GitHub.


The documentation is created with Sphinx and is automatically published to ReadTheDocs with GitHub webhooks.

The main documentation (which you are reading now) is the starting point to get an overview of what birdhouse provides. Each birdhouse component comes with its own Sphinx documentation and is referenced by the main birdhouse document.