Milestone December 2015

Milestone March 2015

  • move docs to readthedocs
  • birdhouse overview
  • presentation at LSDMA in Berlin

Long-term TODO List


  • using OAuth for login
  • secure WPS service:
    • wps client and services should not be changed
    • using OAuth Token generation
    • Token should be part of the url http://localhost/wps/emu/auhbgt3n or http://localhost/wps/emu?request=getcapabilities&token=auhbgt3n
    • using a security proxy service in front of WPS servers.
    • GetCapabilities and DescribeProcess should be available without a security token.

Data Sources

  • OpenStack
    • using python swift client
  • PyCSW:
    • already there but needs to be refactored
    • CSW is used for publishing results
  • ESGF/Thredds:
    • opendap without aggregations (mostly not available)
  • Observational Climate Data:
    • which are available for public access and usage (license issuses)
  • local file archives:
    • make them searchable … pattern matching … index service …
  • CERA climate database
  • OGC data services like WCS and SOS, …

Web Processing Service

  • usage of other WPS implementations: COWS, GeoServer, Zoo, …
    • process integration interface (with python decorators) which generates the integration code for other WPS services.
  • extensions: cancel (comes with wps 2.0), dry-run, … cows and maybe geoserver have some of these
  • caching process execution: cows has cachings … but should be independent of the wps implementation


  • deployment with saltstack and/or docker …

Highload Processing

  • integration of scheduler … slurm … (cows has an example for that)
  • using load balancing …

Docs & Testing

  • tests:
    • improved unit tests
    • continous integration with github + travisCI + binstar + docker
    • complete install tests with docker builds
  • complete sphinx documentation
  • need a better overview of the components
  • simple understable image of what WPS is good for