There are numerous ways to interact with the Birdhouse community, for example join the chat or follow our blog. Also we are present on several conferences where you can enjoy one of our good presentations.


The most easiest way to drop a line to the developers is our Gitter chat room. If you want to have a quick technical question to one of the developers, or just wants to follow the discussions, feel welcome to join.


More complex and real discussions are done regularly in video conferences. Check out the information for upcoming birdhouse meetings. Here you also find the minutes of previews video conferences and feel welcome to join an upcoming one.


In the blog you can find interesting articles and information related to birdhouse in general. We also inform regularly abut the main steps forward in the software development that you can keep track on whats going on in the birdhouse. If you want to receive a notification of new articles follow birdhouse news on our blog:


To be informed about the main progress in the birdhouse development as well as related information you can subscribe to our newsletter.


The birdhouse wiki provides an area for supporting information that frequently changes and / or is outside the scope of the formal documentation.