Why using WPS?

  • Web based services could help researchers collaborate
    • The fact that individual researchers are increasingly specialized raises the “cost” of interacting with other disciplines.
    • Due to these costs, multidisciplinary projects are often run in parallel, with no real dependencies and synergies between teams.
    • Open source code has helped tremendously, but there is a large resource gap between installing software and having a working application, especially in earth system modeling.
  • Why would individual scientists publish services?
    • Increased visibility and funding opportunities.
    • Improved research quality.
    • Participate to intercomparison projects.
  • Access to external resources
    • operations would be calculated on the server, while the system resources could be exposed to clients.
    • large climate data stores
    • compute resources
    • complex software systems
  • Cross institutional, cross-community
    • depends only on an open standard interface.
    • several implementations for a Processing Service can be used.
    • clients (web portals) can rely on a stable processing service interface.

Todo List


Add ssh tunnel or jupyter console example.

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add travis example

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