Testing the Plot Function


See Getting Started.

Activate the Conda workshop enviroment:

$ source activate workshop


We are going to write a unit test for our Python plot function.


  • You will learn how to write a unit test with pytest.

Run pytest

Go to the plotter tutorial source:

$ cd ~/birdhouse-workshop/tutorials/02_testing_plotter

Run the plotter.py like in the previous tutorial and see if it works:

$ python plotter.py

Now, we want to implement a unit test for our plot function. We are using pytest as testing framework. Install it via conda:

$ conda install -c conda-forge pytest

Run now pytest on our plotting module:

$ pytest plotter.py
E       NotImplementedError: This test is not implemented yet. Help wanted!

Oops … the test is not working yet.


Your task is to implement a meaningful test for our simple_plot function.

Start hacking plotter.py in your favorite editor and run pytest frequently.


Read the comments carefully to make this work and do not trust each line of code.