Birdhouse is a collection of Web Processing Service (WPS) related Python components to support climate data analysis. Birdhouse uses OGC/WPS software from the GeoPython project, like PyWPS and OWSLib.

The aim of Birdhouse is to support (climate science) projects to setup a Web Processing Service infrastructure.

Birdhouse is the Home of several Birds, the components of the Birdhouse ecosystem. There are birds for the Web Processing client side, to make the WPS service access more convenient and also as an example for project own Web UIs. There are fully configured WPS services with example processes, which run out-of-the-box and can be forked and used as template. There is also a middleware component to control access to WPS services.

The Birdhouse documentation gives an overview of the architecture.

The Birdhouse components can be installed with a simple make install. See the installation documentation for details.

All Birdhouse components are Open Source and released under the Apache License. The source code is available on GitHub.

See the documentation of the Birdhouse components and try the demo.