Getting Started

Clone the workshop repo from Github:

$ git clone


In this workshop we assume that your workshop sources are in your home folder ~/birdhouse-workshop. If the sources are located at a different place then you need to adapt the workshop root folder accordingly.

Create the workshop conda environment:

$ conda create -n workshop python=3

Activate the conda workshop environment (Linux and macOS):

$ source activate workshop


On Windows you use the following command:

$ activate workshop

I don’t have git …

Don’t worry … the quickest way to install git is using conda:

$ conda install git

If things go wrong …

Well, this can happen … you can easily get into troubles with resolving conda package dependencies. The easiest way to solve it is tabula rasa … remove the conda environment and install it from new.

Deactivate the current environment (Linux and MacOS):

$ source deactivate


On Windows you need to use the following command to deactivate the environment:

$ deactivate

Remove the workshop conda environment:

$ conda env remove -n workshop

Create a new workshop environment with all dependencies used in this workshop by using a conda environment.yml file in the top level folder:

$ conda env create -f environment.yml