Release Notes

Montréal (March 2018)

Highlighted Changes:

  • Birdhouse has a Logo :)
  • A Cookiecutter template for Birdhouse WPS birds is available.
  • A new WPS Bird Black Swan for extreme weather event assessments is started by LSCE, Paris. This bird is spawned off Flyingpigeon.
  • A new Python library, eggshell, is started to provide common base functionallity to WPS birds like Flyingpigeon and Black Swan.
  • The Twitcher security proxy supports now X509 certificates for authentication to WPS services.

Released Birds:

New Birds in the making:

Bonn (August 2016)

  • Leaflet map with time-dimension plugin.
  • using twitcher security proxy.
  • using conda environments for each birdhouse compartment.
  • using ansible to deploy birdhouse compartments.
  • added weather-regimes and analogs detection processes.
  • allow upload of files to processes.
  • updated Phoenix user interface.

Paris (October 2015)

  • updated documents on readthedocs
  • OAuth2 used for login with GitHub, Ceda, …
  • LDAP support for login
  • using ncWMS and adagucwms
  • register and use Thredds catalogs as data source
  • publish local netcdf files and Thredds catalogs to birdhouse Solr
  • qualtiy check processes added (cfchecker, qa-dkrz)
  • generation of docker images for each birdhouse component
  • using dispel4py as workflow engine in Malleefowl
  • using Celery task scheduler/queue to run and monitor WPS processes
  • improved Phoenix web client
  • using birdy wps command line client

Paris (September 2014)

  • Phoenix UI as WPS client with ESGF faceted search component and a wizard to chain WPS processes
  • PyWPS based processing backend with supporting processes of Malleefowl
  • WMS service (inculded in Thredds) for visualization of NetCDF files
  • OGC CSW catalog service for published results and OGC WPS services
  • ESGF data access with wget and OpenID
  • Caching of accessed files from ESGF Nodes and Catalog Service
  • WPS processes: cdo, climate-indices, ensemble data visualization, demo processes
  • IPython environment for WPS processes
  • initial unit tests for WPS processes
  • Workflow engine Restflow for running processing chains. Currently there is only a simple workflow used: get data with wget - process data.
  • Installation based on anaconda and buildout
  • buildout recipes (birdhousebuilder) available on PyPI to simplify installation and configuration of multiple WPS server
  • Monitoring of all used services (WPS, WMS, CSW, Phoenix) with supervisor
  • moved source code and documentation to birdhouse on GitHub

Helsinki (May 2014)

  • presentation of birdhouse at EGI, Helsinki
  • stabilized birdhouse and CSC processes
  • updated documenation and tutorials

Vienna (April 2014)

  • presentation of birdhouse at EGU, Vienna
  • “quality check” workflow for CORDEX data