General Guidelines:

Best practices in FOSS development

  • It is agreed that the development guidelines should remain very simple. The typical contribution workflow is to start a branch from the current master (in a fork for external developers) and the pull request is also made to master.

  • New features must have documentation and tests. Some PEP8 requirements (with exceptions, which are described by project) must be followed.

  • A need for a tutorial or template on how to properly log events inside a WPS and how to write WPS tests is identified.

  • The release cycle for birdhouse is roughly 2-3 months, coinciding with the video conference meetings.

  • There is a suggestion to clean up repositories that have a lot of obsolete branches. Deleted branches still maintain their commits in the history if they were merged at some point.

  • It is strongly suggested that before creating a feature branch to work on, there should be an issue created to explain & track what is being done for that feature.

Contribution Workflow

The Birdhouse project openly welcomes contributions (bug reports, bug fixes, code enhancements/features, etc.). This document will outline some guidelines on contributing to birdhouse. As well, the birdhouse Communication is a great place to get an idea of how to connect and participate in birdhouse community and development where everybody is welcome to rise questions and discussions.