Birdhouse is a collection of Web Processing Service (WPS) related Python components to support data processing in the climate science community. The aim of birdhouse is to make the usage of WPS easy. Most of the OGC/WPS related software comes from the GeoPython project.

Birdhouse is the home of Web Processing Services used in climate science and components to support them (the birds).

WPS client side:

  • Phoenix: a web-based WPS client with ESGF data access
  • Birdy: a WPS command line tool

WPS supporting services and libraries:

  • Twitcher: a simple OWS Security Proxy
  • Malleefowl: access to climate data (ESGF, ...) as a service and library

WPS services and libraries with algorithms used in climate science analysis:

  • Flyingpigeon: services for the climate impact community
  • Hummingbird: provides cdo and cfchecker as a service
  • Dodrio: WPS for KIT
  • Emu: some example WPS processes

You can find the source code of all birdhouse components on our GitHub page. Conda packages for birdhouse are available on the birdhouse channel on Binstar. Docker images with birdhouse components are on Docker Hub

License Agreement

Birdhouse components are distributed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

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